Sunday, 30 August 2009

Nokia 6300

Stylish design:
The Nokia 6300 phone is very stunning in looks and packed with fun and highly usable features for the users to enjoy. It is one of the very stylish and elegant phone from the house of Nokia, which comes in a stainless steel casing. The display is a TFT QVGA type display with a large 2 inch screen, which provides up to 16.7 million colours and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

The Nokia 6300 mobile phone is a stylish, sleek and sophisticated phone. This phone comes in a solid candy bar form and a luxurious stainless steel casing. The Nokia 6300 is loaded with imaging, music, media and messaging features, which will enthral and entertain the user. A two inch TFT displays allows the user to view and control the features.

Camera to snap beautiful moments:
The imaging feature of the phone is excellent with the built in 2 megapixel camera. The phone is equipped for taking photos, storing photos, sending and sharing photos. The user can also record video and capture their special moments in full colour action. The Nokia 6300 can be used to playback and stream video, the camera comes with a digital zoom.

Music and Sound:
The sound features include MP3, MIDI and true tone ringing tones. The phone supports all the popular music P3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H263 & H264 formats. The built in FM radio feature of the phone is complete with visual radio. The user can enjoy their popular music, news, chat show and information on their favourite radio stations. The sound quality of the phone is clear and soothing for the ears with the freedom to change 64 voice polyphonic sound ringtones.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Samsung Tocco Lite Pink

Ultra slim gadget:

he Samsung Tocco Lite Pink is a gorgeous mobile phone, stunning touch screen mobile phone. The gadget, which comes with sleek dimension of 104 x 53 x 11.9 mm. The handset weighs just 93.5 gm and is a pocket friendly device. This handset is easy to carry in pocket and quite sleek in its very appearance. Hence, it easily slides into the pocket. The gadget comes in attractive black colour, which tempts every one to buy it. The touch screen in the mobile phone supports a gesture control screen lock. Hence, allowing you to lock your handset to avoid features being used while the handset is being carried. The screen also supports a handwriting recognition feature which will allows the user to enjoy easy text entry facility.

The Samsung Tocco Lite Pink comes with an extremely outstanding TFT screen, which is large in size and helps good view to the users. Its touch screen appears quite gorgeous and can shows shades up to 256K colours. The 3inch wide screen provides resolution of 240 x 400 Pixels.

Powerful Camera:
The Samsung Tocco Lite Pink is blessed with a highly delicate camera of 3.15 mega pixels, which lets the users to capture great moments of life and give good quality pictures. With the video capturing facility, the users can also capture some memorable moments of life and record them, save it for a life time. With the feature of smile detection the camera clicks the photographs of its own, when the subject smiles. This camera phone can be used even in dark environments as it comes enhanced with flash option

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nokia N97 Silver

Design and Display:
The Nokia N97 Silver is a stunning handset which is provided with a large 3.5 inches wide touch screen. It displays 16 million colours with the high resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. The 3G mobile phone looks extremely elegant in a silver coloured casing. The efficient gadget weighs 150 grams with the dimensions of 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm.

Enjoy high-quality imaging features with the built-in camera:
The smart phone is rich in high quality imaging applications. The 5 mega pixel built in camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar™ lens captures still images and video clips. The video player of the device supports WMV, RealVideo and MP4 video formats. In addition to it, the handset is provided with a secondary VGA camera which facilitates 3G video calling. The TV-out feature allows the users to view images and clips on the television screen.

Get addicted to interesting games:
The efficient device is loaded with the embedded games. On top of it, the presence of Java technology allows the users to download many more games

Useful messaging features:
The Nokia N97 Silver is equipped with the numerous useful messaging features. The excellent messaging features include SMS, MMS, E-mails, predictive text input & instant messaging.

Enjoy quality music applications
The gorgeous handset is rich in quality music features. The gadget comes with a built-in music player which plays the music files in a number of formats including MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ & WMA. The FM radio is provided with the RDS feature. The stunning handset supports MP3 and downloadable polyphonic ringtones.

Memory and battery back up
The document viewer coming in the Xpress music phone enaThe smart phone is equipped with the large internal memory of 32 GB. Moreover, the inclusion of microSD memory card support allows the further expansion of storage capacities up to 16 GB. The Nokia N97 Silver is provided with a fitted rechargeable battery which delivers excellent backup. The highly efficient battery is made to deliver 9.5 hours GSM talk time, 6 hours 3G talk time, 432 hours GSM standby time and 408 hours 3G standby time.

The mobile phone is loaded with a number of user friendly features. The phonebook of the device is designed to hold a large number of entries. The built-in calendar allows the users to get to the desired day in no time. The handset is provided with a built-in calculator which allows the users to perform all the basic functions of calculation. The mobile phone comes with the feature of document viewer which enables you to have a look of all important Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

Enjoy worldwide roaming with quad band network:
The efficient Nokia product works on the quad band network technology which simply assures worldwide roaming, depending on the user's chosen network service provider. It keeps on switching between GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 bands. Moreover, the gadget switches over WCDMA 900, 1900 and 2100 network bands.

This beautiful nokia mobiles ensures easy access to Internet, thanks to built-in WAP 2.0 XHTML & HTML web browser. Moreover, the Wi Fi technology allows easy Internet access as it establishes connection with the local WLAN or with the nearby hotspot. The highly useful Bluetooth technology allows the users to share files and data with the other compatible devices. The inclusion of EDGE and GPRS technologies assure high speed data transfers

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The HTC Touch 3G

Marvelous looks and design :
The HTC Touch 3G is a wonderful looking mobile gadget that impresses everybody with its easy to use and stylish features. This highly attractive gadget is available in four impressive and stylish coloured casings. These colours are gold, black, brown and blue. The owners can select any of the colour out of these four according to their wish. The attractive looks of this gadget brings it in the notice of every single person.

Wonderful memory features:
This stylish gadget is blessed with 256 megabytes of ROM memory along with 192 megabytes of RAM memory. If the users are not satisfied with this much then there is an option of increasing the phone memory further with the help of a memory card slot of Micro SD. So, it is very clear that the device imparts fantastic memory options to the users.

Endless connectivity options:
This highly capable gadget is adorned with attractive connectivity features. These include 3G HSDPA,GPRS, EDGE , Bluetooth and USB. The 3G HSDPA technology permits the owners to do a variety of tasks simultaneously at a quicker speed. GPRS and EDGE help in the fast transmission of data. Bluetooth enables a person to get rid of a wired connection and enjoy a wireless connection. The device also owns a USB option that enables an individual to connect the mobile phone to any other device easily.

Impressive Network:
This stylish HTC phones works on the Quad band technology which supports four GSM networks. These are GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1900 and GSM 1800

Amazing camera features:
The camera of this gadget is 3.2 megapixel digital camera. It is available with various features to delight the users. Picture album is there, where the users can store the pictures that later can be shared with friends. Apart from this camera, there is another camera also. The main purpose of this camera is to assist those users who are willing to take part in the video calling. It is a kind of calling where one can enjoy face to face interaction. The camera is embedded with video recording capabilities that permit the users to capture moving action and still pictures. The availability of a video album enables an individual to save their recording. Later it can be viewed any time.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

BlackBerry Pearl

Designed differently!

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 has a fixed pair of cameras, something totally different from the classic rotating camera! With its Bluetooth connectivity and 256k colour screen, the handset is all set to rock you with its MP3 player!

Colour Display

The BlackBerry Pearl supports an astonishing 256K colour screen to amuse you! The amazing quality and clarity of the display makes browsing images and video files a pleasant experience!


The BlackBerry Pearl has Bluetooth wireless connectivity that allows you to establish communication with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets, digital cameras and laptops up to 10m away.

Third Generation

Surpassing the clumsy analogue mobile phones, the 2G digital handsets, BlackBerry Pearl eventually follows the first 3G video phones, great features, and slim sizes.

1.3 Mega-pixel

The BlackBerry Pearl has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera for the best images and a video recording camera to shoot all your special moments. Start taking your snaps instantly to send them to all your loved ones!


Use MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to send all your favourite pictures, sounds, text even videos to your friends and family, all at once!

You have the facility of SMS, EMS and Email too to stay in touch!

Java technology

BlackBerry Pearl phone supports interactive, animated games and applications. You can download them to make your game gallery in the handset. Just delete the application when you do not want them anymore!

Not only this, Wallpapers and themes are waiting for you to download them!


The BlackBerry Pearl supports the new Polyphonic and True Tone ring tone technology giving you an option of using your favourite MP3 tracks as your ring tone. You get a high quality ring tone that sounds incredibly close to CD quality sound.

Triple band

The BlackBerry Pearl has a triple band facility, enabling you to reach out and stay connected all around the globe. The internal triple band antenna allows your Chocolate to be used in Europe , Africa , Asia , and the America .

Voice Recorder

The BlackBerry Pearl has a voice recorder. Use it for recording voice messages to send as part of a multimedia message. Record a memo to yourself, or record part of a phone conversation.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

PDA Mobile Phones

Since the day of its inception, the mobile phone has constantly evolved with newer technology and repackaged itself with more and more features. PDA Phones (personal digital assistant ) is a very special type of phone. that have the features of mobile phones , computers . Apple was the first company that introduces PDA Phones . PDA is also called as palmtop or palm computers.

PDA Phonesor Personal Digital Assistants are hand held devices that act as mini computers. For this reason PDAs are also called Pocket computers or Palm Top computers. The PDAs were originally designed as Personal organisers and over the period of time been endowed with many hi-end features.

PDAs have built their reputation on their ability to accommodate versatile usages. A PDA can be used as a calculator, clock, calendar, for accessing internet, sending / receiving messages & emails, typwriting, word processing, playing games, video recording, making documents and spread sheets and taking the advantage of GPS etc. Almost everything that your desktop computers are capable of handling, but with a much greater mobility.

Unlike the first PDA, the newer models of this genre are empowered with colour screen and audio capabilities. This enables the PDAs to assume a 3fold personality, such as that of a smartphone web browser and portable media player. Many PDAs are such a make that they can access the internet/ extranet/ intranet through the Wi-Fi or wireless Wide Area Network (WWANs).

One of the most significant feature of a PDA is the existence of a touch screen. Other typical features of a PDA includes memory card slot for data storage and IrDA port for connectivity. The newer PDAs also comes with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth power.

The Touch screen PDAs, have a detachable stylus that is used to operate the device. Interaction is done by tapping the screen to activate Menu or button choices. For text input, there is either virtual keyboard, where input is done by tapping the letters, or there is the power of letter or word recognition.

PDAs for the serious business usage include Blackberry Phones and Treo. These handsets have full QWERTY keyboard and have scroll wheels or thumb wheels to facilitate data entry and navigation. There is also the advantage of full sized folded keyboard, and push based email support.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

BlackBerry 8520 Curve

The Blackberry 8520 Curve brings Blackberry email to the masses. The 8520 Curve features a full QWERTY keyboard meaning firing off emails, texts and instant messaging is easy. With Blackberry push email, the 8520 can send and receive emails from a host of different accounts anywhere in the world. The 8520 features an optical trackball for a sensitive and highly accurate navigation method. The 8520 Curve features Wi-Fi connectivity for high speed web access when in a hotspot, a 2.0 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth and expandable memory.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Nokia 5140

The Nokia 5140 is the apt camera mobile phone for the sports enthusiast as it comes with enhanced durability features to tackle the wear and tear of a sporty lifestyle. This nokia cell phones has a strong outer shell to protect it again scratches and water damage which is replaceable. Though it would be would be wise not to push the phone too hard.

The integrated VGA camera is not such an inspiration but is quite enough for anyone who intends to take pictures to set as wall-papers or use them for MMS or emailing. The only factor that can dampen spirits is the rather small 128x128 pixel display that supports only 4096 colors. The phone comes with a H.263 format Video player and recorder which are not of such high quality either.

The phone's keypads which are located very close together can prove to be very difficult to use until the time one gets used to it. This helps in protecting the mobile against water damage but takes its toll on the ease of use.

Overall the Nokia 5140 has some rather unattractive as well as some really innovative features. If you are looking for a robust and durable camera mobile phone then you can give some serious consideration to the 5140. Otherwise there are many mobiles in the market that can offer you better features at this range.

Features of the Nokia 5140 include:
Video recorder and Player: H.263 format
Data Transfer: EDGE : Mobile broadband access with upload up to 118.4 kbps and download up to 177.6 kbps
Memory: 8 MB internal dynamic memory; 64 MB Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (MMC)
Battery: Talktime: Up to 2 h - 5 h
Battery: Standby: Up to 150 h - 300 h
Operating Frequency: Tri band Operation with automatic band switching
Other Features: Stereo FM radio, Flashlight, Thermometer, Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Decibel meter, MMS, email, Instant Messaging

Monday, 3 August 2009

LG Chocolate BL40

Seoul, Korea / July 30, 2009 - LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, officially revealed today the full image and key specifications of the new LG Chocolate phone (model: LG-BL40).

The fourth handset of the Black Label Series boasts a distinctive 4.0-inch wide screen high-definition LCD with an 800 by 345 pixel resolution for a superb viewing quality. The wide screen breaks away from conventional screen designs with a 21:9 aspect ratio for a panoramic, cinema-like quality and optimal mobile computing experience.

With the enlarged screen, users will experience a surprisingly convenient and efficient mobile environment. Browsing the Internet is made incredibly easy because with 800 pixels at one’s disposal, there is no need to scroll horizontally to read entire web pages. The 4.0-inch display also features a Dual Screen UI that can efficiently display two different types of content simultaneously.

The wide HD LCD “Real VGA” screen provides a full range of natural colors for displayed images, making photos more crisp, videos more true-to-life, games more dynamic and documents more readable.

“The initial response to the new LG Chocolate phone has exceeded our expectations by a wide margin,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications. “Although much interest seems focused on the striking shape of the handset, the real surprise will be when people discover the advantages of the 4.0-inch screen in terms of viewing pleasure and ease of use.”

The new LG Chocolate’s wide screen is overlaid with curved tempered glass and is seamlessly encased in a glossy black finish and iconic red highlights. Although the screen may be much wider, the new LG Chocolate makes an incredibly slim and chic style statement that was also inherent in the original Chocolate.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


We have considered how a mobile phone can send and receive calls at the same time (via an uplink and a downlink). Now we will examine how many users can be multiplexed into the same channel (i.e., share the channel) without getting interference from other users, a capability called multiple access. For 3G technology, there are basically two competing technologies to achieve multiple access: TDMA and CDMA.

TDMA is Time Division Multiple Access. It works by dividing a single radio frequency into many small time slots. Each caller is assigned a specific time slot for transmission. Again, because of the rapid switching, each caller has the impression of having exclusive use of the channel.

CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access. CDMA works by giving each user a unique code. The signals from all the users can then be spread over a wide frequency band. The transmitting frequency for any one user is not fixed but is allowed to vary within the limits of the band. The receiver has knowledge of the sender's unique code, and is therefore able to extract the correct signal no matter what the frequency.

This technique of spreading a signal over a wide frequency band is known as spread spectrum. The advantage of spread spectrum is that it is resistant to interference - if a source of interference blocks one frequency, the signal can still get through on another frequency. Spread spectrum signals are therefore difficult to jam, and it is not surprising that this technology was developed for military uses.

Finally, let's consider another robust technology originally developed by the military which is finding application with 3G: packet switching.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Good & Bad about appleiphone

The good:The Apple iPhone 3G offers critical new features including support for high-speed 3G networks, third-party applications, and expanded e-mail. Its call quality is improved and it continues to deliver an excellent music and video experience.

The bad:The iPhone 3G continues to lack some basic features that are available on even the simplest cell phone. Battery life was uneven, and the 3G connection tended to be shaky. Also, the e-mail syncing is not without its faults.

About Nokia N97

The new Nokia N97 is a new 3G network phone which comes stunning black and white colours. The handset weighs 150 grams and has the dimension of 117.2x 55.3x 15.9 mm. The screen displays 16M colours with 360 x 640 pixels screen resolution. The internal memory consists of 32 GB along with microSD for enhancement of further storage. The battery delivers 408 hours of standby and talktime of 6 hours on fully charged condition. The Nokia N97 enables users to enjoy high speed connectivity through advanced technologies like GPRS, Bluetooth, USB and WLAN. With WEB2.0 and HTML browser one can surf Internet at very fast pace and with ease. The handset has 5MP camera with features like Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, LED flash and video light. Users can capture pictures of their loved ones and also record videos. The handset is embedded with applications like messaging, games,call history, phone book etc.The phone book can store unlimited contacts in it. The messaging allows one to exchange SMS, MMS and Emails.

Klipsch Image S2m Earbuds

Klipsch Image S2m Earbuds

Klipsch has recently introduced the Image S2m cell phone-oriented earbuds that feature a universal in-line mic and a remote that is optimized for Apple devices and fully support all 2008 and later iPhones and iPods, including the third-generation iPod shuffle. Klipsch claims the S2m is better at picking up voice without having to speak directly at it. The new models also have oval eartips that provide more comfortably in ears than the circle-shaped in-ears offered by most earbuds. Priced at $60, the Klipsch Image S2m will be released in August 2009.