Monday, 14 September 2009

Motorola Pebl U9

Loads of features:

The Motorola U9 is also known as Motorola PEBL U9 or PEBL 2. It is a fashionable mobile phone which comes in eye catching design. This mobile phone is available in two colours which are deep red and black. It belongs to the Motorola PEBL family. So, its shape and design is same as that of Motorola U9. Its dimensions are 90x49x16.4 mm and its weight is 87.5 grams, which makes it a very light gadget for the users to carry. The external screen of this gadget is 1.4 inches in size and it is touch-sensitive. Its internal screen is 2 inches and it can display a resolution up to 262 k colours. Its battery when fully charged will give the users seven hours long talk time. The memory of this mobile phone is 25 M bytes and comes with Micro SD memory card slot which helps the memory to expand up to 4 Gbytes.


Think of still or video photography, both of these facilities are available in Motorola U9. With this gadget you can capture still photography that you can treasure life long. Not only that, you shall enjoy taking video footage with this mobile phone's 2 mega pixels camera.


This U9 mobile phone supports MMS multimedia messaging service. So, the users need not only think but actually share MMS messages with any MMS compatible mobile phone user. This feature even helps the users to attach still or video photos with the message besides sound.

Staying connected:

With this U9 mobile phone the users can enjoy both wireless as well as cable connection. Its Bluetooth technology helps its users connect their mobile phones with any other compatible mobile phones with Blue tooth. You can also connect this mobile phone with a laptop, computer and printer. Believe it, with it you can have a wireless connection with devices within the range of ten metres. Data transfer can be done with this mobile phone which can be three times faster than GPRS. This speed can be realised due to the EDGE technology in it. You need not think of laptop any more if you already possess Motorola U9 mobile phone. With this gadget you can access the Internet and have access to the treasure of information.

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