Wednesday, 12 August 2009

PDA Mobile Phones

Since the day of its inception, the mobile phone has constantly evolved with newer technology and repackaged itself with more and more features. PDA Phones (personal digital assistant ) is a very special type of phone. that have the features of mobile phones , computers . Apple was the first company that introduces PDA Phones . PDA is also called as palmtop or palm computers.

PDA Phonesor Personal Digital Assistants are hand held devices that act as mini computers. For this reason PDAs are also called Pocket computers or Palm Top computers. The PDAs were originally designed as Personal organisers and over the period of time been endowed with many hi-end features.

PDAs have built their reputation on their ability to accommodate versatile usages. A PDA can be used as a calculator, clock, calendar, for accessing internet, sending / receiving messages & emails, typwriting, word processing, playing games, video recording, making documents and spread sheets and taking the advantage of GPS etc. Almost everything that your desktop computers are capable of handling, but with a much greater mobility.

Unlike the first PDA, the newer models of this genre are empowered with colour screen and audio capabilities. This enables the PDAs to assume a 3fold personality, such as that of a smartphone web browser and portable media player. Many PDAs are such a make that they can access the internet/ extranet/ intranet through the Wi-Fi or wireless Wide Area Network (WWANs).

One of the most significant feature of a PDA is the existence of a touch screen. Other typical features of a PDA includes memory card slot for data storage and IrDA port for connectivity. The newer PDAs also comes with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth power.

The Touch screen PDAs, have a detachable stylus that is used to operate the device. Interaction is done by tapping the screen to activate Menu or button choices. For text input, there is either virtual keyboard, where input is done by tapping the letters, or there is the power of letter or word recognition.

PDAs for the serious business usage include Blackberry Phones and Treo. These handsets have full QWERTY keyboard and have scroll wheels or thumb wheels to facilitate data entry and navigation. There is also the advantage of full sized folded keyboard, and push based email support.

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