Sunday, 23 August 2009

Samsung Tocco Lite Pink

Ultra slim gadget:

he Samsung Tocco Lite Pink is a gorgeous mobile phone, stunning touch screen mobile phone. The gadget, which comes with sleek dimension of 104 x 53 x 11.9 mm. The handset weighs just 93.5 gm and is a pocket friendly device. This handset is easy to carry in pocket and quite sleek in its very appearance. Hence, it easily slides into the pocket. The gadget comes in attractive black colour, which tempts every one to buy it. The touch screen in the mobile phone supports a gesture control screen lock. Hence, allowing you to lock your handset to avoid features being used while the handset is being carried. The screen also supports a handwriting recognition feature which will allows the user to enjoy easy text entry facility.

The Samsung Tocco Lite Pink comes with an extremely outstanding TFT screen, which is large in size and helps good view to the users. Its touch screen appears quite gorgeous and can shows shades up to 256K colours. The 3inch wide screen provides resolution of 240 x 400 Pixels.

Powerful Camera:
The Samsung Tocco Lite Pink is blessed with a highly delicate camera of 3.15 mega pixels, which lets the users to capture great moments of life and give good quality pictures. With the video capturing facility, the users can also capture some memorable moments of life and record them, save it for a life time. With the feature of smile detection the camera clicks the photographs of its own, when the subject smiles. This camera phone can be used even in dark environments as it comes enhanced with flash option

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